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The Wellspring site now has almost 1000 pages.
As it is impossible to create a navigation system which shows everything we have on the site, we thought it was about time that we offered a Table of Contents!
We have not included every page... some of the "wellsprings" are designed to follow a set path - e.g. "Exodus" & "Rublev's Icon. In those cases, the individual pages are not all listed.

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In some browsers, the list is "collapsible"- so, if you see only a short list, click on the bullets next to the titles to see sub-headings.

Alternatively, here are the headings!

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Wellspring meditation | Baptism | Creation | Exodus | Martha's Prayer CupboardRosary |
| Rublev's Icon | The Creed | The Mass | Via Dolorosa (Way of Sorrow) | Wellspring of Pilgrimage | Wellspring of Taizé |

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  • Not only - but also...
    • Astronomy - a site prepared for Catherine's class (10 year olds) - but why should they have all the fun!