If we were baptised as babies or small children, our parents or godparents were given a candle.

If we are baptised as adults the candle is given straight to us.

This candle is a sign of the Light of Christ being give to us.

We are enlightened by Christ - through His words and actions in the Gospels.

We are called to walk in His light and to take His light into the world.

Drinking from the Wellspring

Choose a time and place where you won’t be disturbed and let your mind and heart play with some - or all - of the following thoughts.

We can let Jesus enlighten our minds and souls by reading and reflecting on the Gospels.
Choose a story from the Gospel.

Read it once all the way through and then read it a sentence at a time -
asking God to open your mind and soul to what it might mean for you - here and now.

It may only be one word - or a flash of insight - but it all counts!

As you gaze at a candle - what are the dark places in yourself that you would like Christ to enlighten?
What dark places in your life need Christ’s light?
Where are you being asked to carry Christ’s light to?
In many churches, candles are lit on Holy/ Easter Saturday night.
If this happens in your church, your candle will be one of millions lit throughout the world - and one of millions lit over the centuries.

How do you feel about this?

1998 Wellspring

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