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Water is one of the most precious resources on our planet.

Without it, life could not have begun.

Without it life could not continue.

We have perhaps lost our sense of reverence -and dependence on water - but for many people in the world, water remains infinitely precious.

It is because water is life-giving and because we are so dependant on it, that it takes such a prominent place in our Vigil celebrations - our celebration of the new life of Easter. 

Drinking from the Wellspring

You may like to include water in your "setting" for prayer

Water cleanses
What sin - or selfishness - or memory would you like to be washed away?
Water refreshes.
Does your spirit long for "cooling streams" and quiet places?
How can you help it to find them?

Water invigorates.
Where do you feel the need for new energy and vitality?

Baptism symbolises the passage from death to new life.
What would you like to leave behind?
What are your hopes for the future?

1998 Wellspring

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