My Name - My Identity

The Baptism of Jesus marked a turning-point in His life.

Although most of us weren’t aware of it at the time, our Baptism marked a turning-point in ours.

Even if we are preparing for Baptism, it is all to easy to let the moment pass without being fully aware of what is happening.

Many of us are unaware of the dignity and grace that we receive as baptised Christians:
the grace of becoming named as a child of God and disciple of Jesus Christ.

Drinking from the Wellspring

Treat yourself to a candle, light it.

Let your mind and heart play with some or all of the following thoughts...

When you were baptised, you were given a name     
Why was it chosen? What do you feel about it?

Remind yourself of the story of Adam - of God making him from the clay of the earth.

Imagine, now, that God is making you in the same way.
See Him make your head, your body, your limbs, etc.
How does God make you different from every other person He has made?

What is the expression on God’s face as He works?

Repeat these words to yourself -
        using your breath to give the words their rhythm

(in-breath)                    (out-breath)
You are the Potter        I am the clay

1998 Wellspring

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