Saturday Evening Prayer

In the Prayers in Taizé, the Word of God is held in high regard. The Psalms and chants are sung in a wide variety of languages reflecting those of the people gathered in prayer.

The Word is positioned centrally in the Church and, when the Reading is read, all those gathered turn to face it.

On Saturday evenings, Brother Roger also speaks to the people who have gathered to pray and meet during the week. There is simultaneous translation on headphones around the Church. At the end of the talk, he invites children to take flowers that they have gathered during the day to representatives of the countries from which the congregation have come.

Reading the Word, Saturday evening Photograph S. Leutenegger (c) Ateliers et Pressesz de Taize


Photograph S. Leutenegger
© Ateliers et Presses de Taizé
Used with permission

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