O.K. we'll be honest - pilgrims are not exactly queuing up to come to Eastleigh -
but it's where we live and worship so we thought it deserved a place on the map!

This is the church where we worship - Holy Cross.

We do have our own saint, Swithun Wells, who lived at Brambridge Hall nearby.
He was martyred in 1591.

Our sister church in the village (nearly a town) of Fair Oak is named after him.

As is our parish primary school
(click the picture for a better view)

St Swithun Wells School (82804 bytes)

In years gone by,
the Corpus Christi procession went from Holy Cross church to the bandstand opposite
where Benediction was celebrated.

Click on the picture below to see some of our archive photos

Corpus Christi (155957 bytes)

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