Clothed in Christ

As the white garment is put on those being baptised or received into the Church, the presider speaks of them becoming a new creation, clothed in Christ - and of the white garment as an outward sign of their Christian dignity.

We often forget the dignity we have as Christians and the honour that is given to us in being able to call ourselves sons and daughters of God. Our words and actions can undermine that dignity - and our words and example don't always reflect our respect for the dignity of others.

Drinking from the Wellspring

How do people know you are a Christian?
How do they know you are a Catholic - Methodist - Anglican - Baptist - ...etc...?
Are you afraid to tell people about your Faith? Why?
How are you going to live as a son or daughter of God?
Are there people who help?
Who - and how?
How could you be a person like that for others?

1998 Wellspring

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