Intercontinental Forum

Each year, the Community invite young people from different parts of the world to come and make an extended stay in Taizé

During their stay, they form part of the Intercontinental Forum which happens on Saturday afternoons.
They speak of the Christian church in their home country - of the challenges the church and the people face - and offer insights into what they and other people are doing to address those problems. They then perform a dance from their homeland.

The visitors in 1999 came from Kenya, various parts of India, the Philippines and Indonesia. Although there were some problems specific to each country, the problem of drugs and child prostitution seemed to be common to all.

However, there was hope and confidence as they spoke of successes and dreams for the future. In their vision and belief in the future words from "Gaudium et Spes" - the Second Vatican Document addressed to all peoples of goodwill - came to life:

"The future lies in the hands of those
who can offer humanity reason for life and hope."

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