Sealed for Christ

When we are baptised and confirmed, we are anointed with oils. These are consecrated by the Bishop at the Chrism Mass during Holy week and brought back to be used in parishes that year.

Oil was used in Old Testament times as a sign of honour. Kings were anointed with oil and even today, British kings and queens are anointed at their coronations.

Oil was - and is - used to massage the limbs of athletes in readiness for their exertions - and we are re-learning the power of the use of fragrant oils in relaxation and healing.

So oil is a powerful symbol - of honour - of strength - of healing - and relaxation.

If you have them, you may like to use aromatic oil as a background to your reflections...

Drinking from the Wellspring

Where in your life do you feel the need for strength at the moment?
Where do you need healing?
Where do you need relaxation?
Try to imagine the hand of Jesus gently touching and anointing the places that you have identified - healing - relaxing - strengthening

The Gifts of the Spirit are

Wisdom, Understanding, Right Judgement, Knowledge,

Reverence, Courage, Wonder and Awe.

    Some children possess them -
    but they are gifts mainly for maturity and responsibility.

    Which gifts have you developed?

    Which still need attention and prayer?

1998 Wellspring

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