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Prayers for those looking for ways to hold in prayer
those whose lives have been damaged by abuse by people in positions of trust in the Church.

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We are gradually adding liturgies and liturgy ideas to our site. 
Whilst many were written for specific purposes or occasions, many are adaptable to suit others.

Many of the pages are "decorative" but material can simply be cut and pasted into a word-processing program.

You are welcome to use our liturgies - but please remember to acknowledge our copyright and, where appropriate, give our web-address. We are always thrilled to get feedback - contact us at liturgyATwellsprings.org.uk!

bullet Angel Voices
Just when life seems comfy
and cosily predictable -
angels appear unexpectedly...

bullet At the Turning of the Year
We gather, God of the changing seasons,
as the year turns to deepening darkness... 

bullet Blue Christmas Service
We light our first candle

a single light that the deepest darkness cannot conquer –

small – insignificant

but a sign of hope...

bullet Celtic style prayer
Days of heavy clouds stifling the sunlight
the world burdened by greyness and gloom...

bullet Come, Lord Jesus
We stand at the turning of the year –
looking back on what has been
and ahead to what is to come...

bullet Longing for Light
The nights have drawn in –
long summer evenings are but memory;
winter is upon us –
and darkness surrounds us...

bullet O Antiphons
O Wisdom, O holy Word of God,
Wonderful is your counsel and great is your wisdom...

bullet The Gift of Light
Jesus walked among His people
among people living in darkness...

bullet Passing on the Light (a favourite!)
In the beginning, the universe was dark and cold –
and the Spirit hovered and brooded
and whispered
"Let there be life!"...

bullet Penitential Liturgy for Advent
We live in a world oppressed by sin
a world of hunger – pain – injustice...

bullet Return of the King
In his days justice shall flourish
and peace till the moon fails...

bullet Standing on the Edge
We are standing on the edge:
Our earth – the blue-green jewel we call home –
stands on the edge of global catastrophe...

bullet Travelling Nativity
We light a candle on the Nth day of the journey of Mary and Joseph around the parish/ community…
 a light to welcome them to the place they will stay...

bullet This is True...
Is it true, Lord, is it true:
that You, Creator of the Heavens,
condemn Your people to stumble though life
their paths shrouded in darkness?
Is it true, Lord....is it true?  



bullet Lent
bullet Laying down stones (Based on Year C Gospels)
Jesus asks, "Who condemns you?
bullet Coming Home to God: a Penitential Liturgy (based on the Prodigal Son)
We have said to God –
“Give me what I deserve – what is rightfully mine”
and when He seems to refuse, 
we say that He has not answered our prayer:

bullet Raised on Eagles' Wings
Thus says the Lord,
"See how I have freed you from the house of oppression
and borne you as if on eagles' wings
to bring you to myself."

bullet A God who heals
Come to the Lord all you who are troubled and sad
Come to our Lord, who is tenderness and compassion;
the God who heals every one of your ills.

bullet A Liturgy of Awakening
In the beginning …
In the beginning the earth was a formless void…Darkness covered the face of the deep.
And the Divine Breath of God moved over the waters…

bullet A Liturgy of Loss and Lament (Good Friday)
As if it were not enough, Almighty God, Creator of the Universe,
that You should, through the power of Your Word,
call into being all that is known
and all that remains to be discovered:

bullet Called by Name
At our Baptism, water was poured over our heads:
and we were named
and became children of God.

bullet Friends of Jesus (a Holy Week Liturgy for Children)
We have come together to remember Jesus.
bullet Voices around the Cross
When Jesus was crucified, most of his friends and disciples abandoned him.
Only a few people were there to witness the last hours of his life.
As they gazed upon Jesus in those final moments, what did they see?

bullet Way of Sorrows for the modern world
bullet We are people chosen
We are people, chosen from our generations
to be Witnesses to the great Covenant that exists
between the Creator and His Creation.



bullet Easter
bullet Easter Day Liturgy
On this glorious Easter Day,
We have come to celebrate the greatness of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.
On this great day, we proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord
 My sisters and brothers, let us rejoice: Alleluia!

bullet An Emmaus Walk
Two "disciples" re-enact the story of the Road to Emmaus.
bullet I heard the Lord call my name
A liturgy for the Baptism of young people
bullet Liturgy of Creation
In the beginning, all was darkness
and God said,
let there be light"



bullet Pentecost/ Spirit/ Commitment
bullet Power of the Spirit
With the power of the green leaf
unfolding to spring-time sunshine,
unfold our souls to the radiance of Your light...

bullet Litany of the Spirit
God of all beginnings
God of endings
Eternal light of God...

bullet Trinity/ Hospitality
bullet The Hospitality of God
Lord God, Creator of all;
you created us to be your People;
a people free to love and to serve you
with all our minds, with all our hearts and with all our strength...



bullet Justice and Peace
bullet For the Healing of the Nations
 We gather in the name of the Father
God and Creator
the One who love us and calls us into being...

bullet Bread for the World
We break the bread of Africa
A continent rich in resources,
living on a knife edge...

bullet Prayer for Peace
Bruised and black clouds shed heavy tears on the fields of Flanders
fields become graveyards
in which were buried the flower of a generation...

bullet Way of the Cross in time of war
Washing his hands of innocent blood –
Pilate condemns Jesus to death.
World leaders wash their hands of innocent blood:
collateral damage –
unfortunate victims of friendly fire..


bullet Healing
bullet Walking the Path of Sorrow
I will light a light for an Agony in a Garden:
When the Son of God faced the bleakness of loneliness
and fear in the face of death...

bullet Liturgy for Healing
We gather in the name of the Father...
The One whose glory is reflected
in a human being fully alive...


bullet Remembrance
bullet Gathering up Treasure - a Liturgy of Loving Remembrance
Jesus said, "I am the living bread come down from heaven,
Anyone who eats of this bread will live forever"...

bullet Liturgy for Remembrance Sunday
Bruised and black clouds shed heavy tears on the fields of Flanders
fields become graveyards
in which were buried the flower of a generation...

bullet Trust in Grief
In the darkest night –
when we feel most afraid
Someone comes alongside us...



Liturgies in Solidarity
Liturgies for those shocked and shamed by reports of the abuse of children and vulnerable adults within the Church - background and menu  

Bread - wine - and loss
Reflections for a vigil service or quiet time of prayer using themes of bread, wine and Holy Thursday night...



Listening to the Words from the Cross
Using the Seven Last Words of Jesus as starting points for reflection and prayer...



Praying for Healing
A group liturgy of sorrow and affirmation that the light of Christ is stronger than darkness... 


Liturgy of Anger and Tears
A liturgy naming some of the pain surrounding the issue of abuse and seeking God's mercy...


Cut to the Heart - a Liturgy for Pentecost
A liturgy calling upon the Holy Spirit to cleanse and heal...



Contemplating with Mary
Using the Sorrowful Mysteries to contemplate the face of the Suffering One...


Other Occasions

bullet Colouring the World (used as a Carnival Service)
In the beginning, all was darkness
and God said,
"let there be light"...

bullet God's Covenant with his People
At the first Pentecost/ In the beginning, the Spirit came upon the people of God
and opened their minds to great truths.
The Spirit set their souls on fire and they understood the greatness of the story
of which they had become a part...

bullet Liturgy of Baptism
This can be adapted to use in Mass or used on its own.
It was originally used for the Baptism of children but would be suitable, perhaps with adaptation, for adult baptism...

bullet Prayer for Musicians and Liturgists
bullet Renewing our Baptism
n the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth,
the earth was a formless void
and darkness covered the face of the deep
while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters...

bullet Transforming Encounter (a Reconciliation liturgy)
We have come at the invitation of our God,
called into this place
called into this time
called into the presence of God...


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