Wellspring of the Gospel


Year A: 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

 First Reading: Exodus 19: 2-6

The First Reading is set during the long journey from Egypt to the Promised Land referred to in the Gospel reflection.

Moses goes up the mountain alone and there meets the God who delivered the people from the hands of those who oppressed them.

In reminding the people of their liberation, God offers an image which speaks of His love - and strength - and compassion for His people. He says that He carried them on eagleís wings referring to the belief that when a young eagle is learning to fly, its parents fly underneath so that, if it gets tired, they can allow it to land on them and fly them back to the nest.

So, God is showing His people that, though the way is hard and they often feel desperate, like the eagle, He remains constant in His love and will use His strength to support them when their own becomes insufficient.

To strengthen their resolve to continue, He reminds them of His promise - that, if they obey Him and remain faithful to the covenant between them, this people of Israel shall be Godís own and will become a consecrated and priestly people.

It is a high calling - and they did not always live up to it - but God remained faithful. When the time came for God to enter the world in the person of Jesus, it was to this people that He came.

The promise made generations before was to be fulfilled - this people would be the first to be invited into the new Kingdom that God was establishing on earth.

What does it mean for me?

Waterlily What images speak to you in this reading?

How could they help you to live up to your calling as a Christian?

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