The Church of Reconciliation in Taizé by night!

A joke? Well, not altogether!

This picture is the result of co-operation between people from two continents and one subcontinent.
We had spotted that the full moon was rising behind the church as we gathered for Evening Prayer. Even more beautiful was the fact that it was going to rise behind one of the minarets on the church... The prospect of a photograph of the cross on the minaret silhouetted against the full moon was irresistible - and so we -with young people from Kenya and from India - balanced precariously on the wall near the church discussing the possibility of the pictures coming out...

Watching the rising of the moon as the bells rang out calling people to prayer was an eternal moment...
And, had we had a better camera, the picture would have been superb!

Full moon rising behind the minarets on the Church of Reconciliation, Taize

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