The Church of Reconciliation

The focus of life in Taizé... the place where people of different nationalities - races - cultures - come to be united in the praise of God.

In comparison with the grand ruins of the Abbey in Cluny which speak of the splendour that once was - the Church of Reconciliation looks fairly simple - not to say plain! This is intentional... The Community see what they are doing as a "Pilgrimage of Trust on earth" - and though the worship area is beautiful, it has the feeling that it could be packed away and taken to a new home if necessary. Beauty - simplicity - and ready to move on....

The Church is fascinating in that it has been added to over the years - but the sections are all able to be partitioned off - so that the Church can hold a few hundred without their feeling that they are few in a huge empty space - or a few thousand. In the summer, the Church can be further expanded by the use of tents.

The Church of Reconciliation, Taize

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