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The figure wears the blue of divinity.

The brown garment speaks of the earth - of His humanity.
The gold stripe speaks of kingship.

- The Christ -

Reflect on the form of kingship being represented here...

The Christ figure rests two fingers on the table -
laying onto it His divine and His human nature.

He points to a cup filled with wine...

What does this represent?

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Behind the figure is a tree.

This could be the oak tree at Mamre
under which the three angelic visitors rested.

The hospitality of Abraham and Sarah was rewarded in the gift of a son.

What does this tell us of the importance of hospitality?

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The tree may also represent the Cross -
the tree on which our Saviour died.

The tree of death which becomes the tree of eternal life -
lost to humanity by the disobedience of Adam and Eve -
restored to us by the obedience of Jesus.

Reflect on the paradox of the Cross -
- the place where death and life confront each other -
- where death gives way to resurrection -
and eternal life.

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It may also be the tree of life in Revelation
bearing twelve kinds of fruit
one for each month of the year

and the leaves of this tree are for the healing of the nations...

What is the promise here - waiting to be fulfilled?

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The Christ figure in turn inclines towards the figure on the left -
and we are drawn to gaze there too.

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