Using the "For the Healing of the Nations" liturgy

This liturgy was written for a Healing Service in our home parish which was held on Remembrance Sunday 2004. At the time, news from the Middle East, Darfur (Sudan), Indonesia showed that the world was still in the throes of war and conflict. We decided to link our own healing with the desire that we hoped it would foster in us  - the desire to reach out and heal the world.
Things have not changed - the world still suffers from conflict and terrible natural disasters - and so we decided to adapt the liturgy slightly and upload it.

It could be used at any time of year but might lend itself particularly to Lent as the basis of a Penitential Liturgy. The focus could then be on our having been forgiven and so wanting to reach out and bring forgiveness, healing and peace of mind to others in the world.

Scripture Reading - suggestions

    Any of the Healing Gospels
     John 20: 19-21 (to 23 if using for a Penitential Liturgy
     Jesus still the storm ( Mt 8: 23-27, Mk 4: 35-41; Luke 8: 22-25)


    Make me a channel of your peace
     Lord, make me a means of your peace
     Lead us from death to life
     Christ be our light
     Diverse in culture, nation, race
     Oh Lord, all the world belongs to you
     Sent by the Lord am I
     Christ's is the world in which we move (A Touching Place)
     For the healing of the nations
     Jesus Christ is waiting

Reaching out to heal the world

Have a map of the world in place.
If time (and resources) permit, invite people to draw round their hand onto paper or card. After cutting out their hand-print, they place it on the map in a place they feel particularly drawn to pray for.

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