This Liturgy is based in part on the Rite of the Blessing of Baptismal Water from the Easter Vigil. It offers an opportunity for those who were baptised as babies to reflect on the dignity and responsibility that come with it. It could also be helpful in the preparation of catechumens for baptism - helping them to go more deeply into the mystery. They can reflect on the symbols and the words that they will hear at the Vigil.

The setting could include the symbols of baptism: water, candle, oil and white garment and cards with the names of the people who have gathered (or cards on which the names can be written).

Alternatively, a focal point could be arranged and each symbol brought forward and placed there with a few words of explanation of some of the things they represent - water: cleanses and refreshes; oil: anointed - chosen - healed; candle: light - enlightenment - warmth; white garment: purity - dignity; name: we are called individually - by the name written on the palm of God's hand.

In the RCIA, the links with the Year A Gospels can be made. These words might be helpful:

Sunday 1
Name card

When Jesus was baptised, God identified him as his Son, the Beloved. In our baptism, God identifies us as his son - his daughter. Whatever temptations we face - however far we stray, we remember that we are called by the name written on the palm of God's hand.

Sunday 2
White Garment
Jesus was transfigured and his clothing became as white as light. When we are clothed in white, we catch a glimpse of the glory for which we are destined.

Sunday 3
The Samaritan woman found Jesus at a well and gave him water. In return he showed himself to be the living water - the wellspring of life - giving his life so that we could be immersed in it and be reborn to eternal life.

Sunday 4

Jesus opened the eyes of the blind man  so that he could see the light of day.  Yet even without sight, the blind man's mind was enlightened - he saw the light of Christ with his heart and his soul when all around him did not.

Sunday 5

Lazarus was anointed for burial and rested for three days in the tomb. The call of Jesus brought him forth and anointed him with healing and restoration to life.

2005 Wellspring

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