Angel Voices
This liturgy lends itself to forming the basis of a Carol Service.

Angels made fairly regular appearances in the Old Testament - and feature large in the stories around the Birth of Jesus. The fact that they seem less involved in humanity's affairs may be more to do with our not noticing them than a lack of interest on their part!

Setting Ideas

Any Advent/ Christmas setting will obviously be beautiful!

Consider an "Angel Tree" - where home-made angels dance among the baubles!
You can create a simple template and allow children to colour in and add glitter and gold paint/ felt-tip details to their hearts' content. One or two adults might also welcome the excuse!

As part of the liturgy you could have an "Angel-procession" as the children bring their angels to hang on the tree. Have the procession led by a lantern or candle to add dignity and to give the children a sense of the occasion.

Create large angels from card/ wood and place around the worship area (not just near the altar/ lectern!) Really creative souls may even make angels who can sit in the pews/ seats next to the congregation!

Write the names of those who saw angels - or draw representations of them and light a candle in front of them when their story is told.

If you are using the liturgy as a Carol Service and decide to act out the Encounters with Angels, go to town on the angel costumes - this is not the year for all the angels to be anonymous extras! Even the littlest angels who don't speak can look stunning!

Scripture References for Angelic Encounters

Zechariah - Luke 1:8-20

Mary - Luke 1: 26-38

Joseph - Matthew 1: 18-24

Shepherds - Luke 2: 8- 20

Magi (OK stretching a point - but if you want to include them in the Service, the angel can appear as a star!) Matthew 2: 1-12

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