Jesus held women in high regard. They were his companions in life - and they accompanied him on the last fateful journey.

Here are three stories written some years ago and finally appearing here as a result of musing over the dinner-table... It seems appropriate!

The first story - Mary's was the first to be written. It was inspired by listening to Chris de Burgh's "Just another poor boy"... the encounter between a woman and the poor boy who was hung "on a hillside" far away. This was followed by Martha's story and later Susannah's.

Given their slightly different emphasis, it might be appropriate to read one on each day of the Triduum. Mary's foreshadows the Agony in the Garden so would suit Holy Thursday. Martha's dwells on some of the events of Good Friday and Susannah's takes us through into Holy Saturday and to just before dawn on Sunday. Each reminds us of the crucial part bread and wine play in the mystery that is the Triduum and what we celebrate Sunday by Sunday.

They are written as reflections - women acting as witnesses - responding to the request: "Tell me your story. Who was this man? What drew you to follow him to the cross - to the tomb?"

Mary - a former prostitute - one who had "loved not wisely but too well".

Martha - the "practical" one - doing what she does best.

Susannah - one of the women who had supported Jesus from her own income - and her gentle transformation

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