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Our biggest resource is ourselves!
Wellspring runs on a shoe-string which is often the case with new ventures - especially those involved with spiritual matters!
(And we can "see" the nods of agreement all around cyber-space!)

So - this is where we do the selling bit...

What we can offer - and would like to get paid for!

Showing the Way

- a Lent project published in 1999. It has material for individuals and for groups - and is closely linked to the Daily and Sunday Scripture Readings of the Catholic Church.

To Showing the Way

Drawing from the Wellsprings

A weekly resource now on CD-ROM based on the Sunday readings in the Catholic cycle of Readings.
If you like the Wellspring of the Gospel - you'll like Drawing from the Wellsprings

To Drawing from the Wellsprings

Days of Reflection/ Workshops

We love doing these - and would welcome any invitations to lead a day for your group.

To Days we can do...

If you feel that you can support our work - until we get on our feet - we would be very grateful for any help you can offer.

Obviously financial -

but also spiritual - this ain't gonna work if the Lord ain't in charge of it!


Please pray for the long life and prospering of .

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