The Spirit (6240 bytes)

- A blue robe speaking of divinity -
- A green robe representing new life -

- The Spirit -

If you can, spend time gazing at the newly unfurled leaves against a blue sky.
(If the season is not appropriate - live on the memory!)

Reflect on the link between what you see and the figure in the icon.

The Spirit touches the table - earthing the divine life of God.

Reflect on that touch and the words of invocation:
"Lord, You are holy indeed, the fountain of all holiness.
Let Your Spirit come upon these gifts to make them holy...."

Reflect on that touch and its meaning for the life of the world...

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Behind the figure is a mountain.

Mountains are places where people often encountered God -
places where heaven and earth seem to touch.

Moses met God on mountains.

Jesus was transfigured whilst in prayer on a mountain.

Reflect on your own "mountain top" experiences -
times when you have felt very close to God -
when you have felt transfigured and filled with the Spirit.
(These need not necessarily have taken place on mountain tops!)

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Elijah could not find God in the earthquake -
- the wind -
- the fire on the mountain -
but in the gentle breeze
which carried the voice of God
deep into his being.

When have you been aware of the presence of the dynamic stillness
which is the Spirit within you?

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The Spirit inclines - drawing our gaze to the central figure - representing Christ.

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