"Then Pilate took Jesus and had him flogged"

John 19: 1 (NRSV)

It is a relief to think that Mary would not have witnessed the scourging - though she would have seen the results of it very soon after. What must have been her feelings seeing her beloved son covered in blood and deep cuts to his flesh? How would she react to the cruel torture inflicted on her son?

Torture still takes place around the world. In some places it is almost routine. People inflict great cruelty on others - and sometimes force loved ones to watch which can be as great a torture as being tortured. On a smaller scale, cruelty can exist within families causing damage and crushing self-esteem. The scars for all can last a lifetime.

Pray for those subject to cruelty at the hands of others.

     Mary, Lady of kindness and gentleness,
     your heart was pierced by the sight of your Son so cruelly treated.
     Pray for those who are subject to torture
     whether at the hands of strangers or at the hands of those who should love them.

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