Joy: from "Living Springs: A Letter on the Inner Life

written by Br Roger of Taizé before the European Meeting in London

Welcome the coming day as irreplaceable and unique, the today in which God is present. Look how to live it with a heart that trusts. The past is buried in God, and of the future he also takes care.

In times of trial, search steadfastly to discover all that can light up our night. Gather up the events, however small, which awaken thankfulness and joy.

Remember that the presence of the Risen Christ cuts through the darkness: "Darkness is no darkness with you, the night shed light like the day." (Ps 139: 12)

When you do not understand what is happening to you and there are difficulties to be lived through, would you forget the inner joy offered by Christ who declared nine times over: "Happy..."

By faith you are able to choose the road which mounts up towards serene joy, and you will build you dwelling in the lands of joyfulness.

"You Jesus, my joy, you give rest for my heart."

Perfect joy lies in transparency of heart. In order to shine out, such joy requires no less than your whole being. It awakens others to God; above all by what you are.

Let Christ sing in you the radiant gift of life, to the point that the springs of jubilation never run dry.

© Ateliers et Presses de Taizé 1987

Brother Roger RIP

12 May 1915 - 16 August 2005

May he rest in peace.

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