Names of God

Here are some names of God which could be used in the Advent Liturgy... there are many more!

The suggestion is to copy them and paste them into a word-processing program. You may like to enlarge them - or change the font - feel free to do either.

The important thing is that they are cut up and one name is placed on each seat.

People should be encouraged to take their light away - taking the Light of Christ into a darkened world. It could be a tee light - a small candle - or even a tee light stuck to an aluminium foil pastry case... all have worked for us!


Warm breath of God


Bud-bursting God


Sap-surging God


Calm seeing of God


High Kingship of God


Soothing lullaby of God


Sun-warming God


Creating voice of God


Breath of the universe


Justice of God


Mercy of God


Safe sheltering of God


Soft enfolding of God


God of beginnings....God of endings


Firm challenge of God


Craftsman of the heavens


Graces of God


Generosity of God


Inviting of God


Dream of God


Sweet sorrow of God


Caressing of God


Strong arm of God


Resilience of God


Ruggedness of God


Melting touch of God


Healing hand of God


Life-loving God


Soft hearing of God


Tender embrace of God


Star-kindling God


Moon-burnishing God


God of creation


Safe refuge of God


Righteousness of God


Passion of God


Strong guarding of God


Still solitude of God


Joyous song of God


Promise of God


God of times and seasons


Perfection of God


Radiance of God


Shimmering of God


Laughter of God


Deep wisdom of God


Still centre of God


Awesome wonder of God


Abundance of God


Tenderness of God

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