The final part of the Triduum Liturgy is the Easter Vigil - a Liturgy of liturgies.

It begins with the Liturgy of Light when the darkness of the night is broken by the kindling of the Easter fire. The community gathers round this sign of new light and warmth and watch as the Easter candle is inscribed...

The Paschal Candle is lit at every liturgy until next Ash Wednesday when it is removed from the church - and we await the next...

As the lights of the community are lit from the Paschal candle we sing the Hymn of exultation: the Exultet.

The Liturgy of the Word follows - and the whole history of salvation from Creation - through Noah's Flood -  right through Exodus to the prophets is proclaimed - culminating in the Proclamation of the Easter Gospel.

If people are to be received into the Church, we celebrate the Liturgy of Baptism.
We begin by recalling the names of some of the millions of people who have shared our Faith through the course of history - especially those whose lives have witnessed to the Gospel in great holiness and heroism. We call upon them to stand alongside us as we initiate new members into the Communion of Saints.

Baptism and Confirmation follow with the rich symbolism of newly blessed water - newly kindled fire - anointing with oil - enrobed in white. As night prepares to give way to dawn - so the new Catholic Christian leaves the darkness of their past behind and stands at the threshold of a new beginning.

And finally, the Triduum Liturgy ends as it began - in the Liturgy of the Eucharist around the Table of the Lord as we celebrate our New Passover. The old unblemished lamb gives way to the new: the Lamb of God. The People of God pass from the old slavery of sin into the liberation of new life in Christ.

Who is the King of Glory?
The Easter Vigil is full of rich symbolism and insight into who the King of Glory is. Spend time reflecting on the Liturgies celebrated in the course of the Vigil... what does each one tell you about who Jesus is?

Draw the reflections of the Week together and see how they deepen your experience of the Vigil.

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