Living in the Glory of God

Exodus 40: 34-38

The presence of God in the cloud stayed with the Hebrew people at every stage of their journey. For forty years they were to wander - but always in the knowledge that their God travelled with them. God revealed himself as a pilgrim God - not a static god, confined to places or buildings. This was the God who had revealed himself to Abraham - leading him on his own journey.

This is the God who reveals himself to us on our journey - a God who accompanies us - yet remains completely other. A God who loves and guides - challenges and surprises us. This is the God who came from glory to walk with his people - to show them in his own life, death and resurrection the glory that is a human being fully alive. This is our destiny - to become fully alive and to give glory to God and, in the fullness of time, to live in that glory for ever.


How can you develop an awareness of living in the promise of glory?
What difference will this make to the way you live the rest of your life?

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