Creating a Tent of God's Presence

Exodus 35: 20-29

When it came to creating the Tabernacle, Moses does not demand that people give what is required - rather he makes it a matter of offering what hearts and spirits suggest. As a consequence, the offering proves to be so great that, in the end, he has to stop the people bringing more!

It is appropriate that offerings for the Tabernacle should be generous - this was the God who had liberated them and who was forming them into a people. This was the place where God was to show his glory to his people - to mark his presence among them.

Beauty and craftsmanship are powerful signs of our being made in the image of God. God is the Supreme Creator - and our creativity his gift to us. To spend time and energy on creating something for God can be one of the purest forms of worship. Allowing our minds and spirits to inspire our work invests it with generosity, love and adoration that makes our creation eminently pleasing to God.


When have you created something beautiful God?
Allow your heart and spirit to stir within you - and see what they inspire you to create to the glory of God.

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