Radiant in God's Love

Exodus 34: 29-35

No-one can encounter God without it showing. For Moses, the encounter was revealed in the radiance reflecting in his face - so bright that he had to keep it veiled. Such radiance is often represented on images of Jesus, Mary and the saints as a halo of light around their heads.

Most of us cannot aspire to such an obvious sign of God's love for us - and many of us would find it quite embarrassing to have attention drawn to ourselves in that way. However, we can catch glimpses of what lies at the heart of the halo and the shining face... just occasionally, we sense a glow - a warmth - a deep reassurance and sense of joy. We can be quite surprised when we come back to this reality to see how small things seem - or, we may find that we see them as also reflecting something of the glory of God. The mystics often give such insights into a world that speaks of the grandeur of our God.


When have you experienced a glow or sense of being taken out of yourself - either in prayer - or by an encounter with someone - or something?
Where was God?

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