Making God manageable

Exodus 32: 1-35

How much time had gone by since God had consecrated the Hebrew people to himself and appointed them a priestly and holy nation? And how quickly had the people forgotten.

They knew about gods that could be seen and touched - who could be carried where they wanted it to go. They were less sure about a God who so obviously had a mind of his own. It was far easier to offer gold and create an image they could manage - than offer themselves to a God who was beyond their control.

We may not make golden calves - but we often succumb to the temptation of creating other gods and investing them with the power to save us. We offer them our "gold" - our time - our energy - forgetting the One who really has the power to save us - heal us - liberate us.


What are the gods of our own society?
Which have you found yourself getting caught up with - willingly or by default?
Where was God?

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