Living in the Covenant

Exodus 31: 12-18

The section selected for reading comes at the end of the long detailed instructions given to Moses concerning how this new people are to conduct their lives. It begins with the Ten Commandments and goes on to describe how the people are to order their affairs and how they are to worship God. The whole of their lives - down to the smallest detail is to witness to the fact of their being a people living in covenant with God. And on one day each week, they were to be wholly God's - work was to be set aside and they were to be refreshed and renewed in worshipping the God who had liberated them.

We are inheritors of the Covenant and we too are called to witness to that in every detail of our lives. Our Sunday worship is essential - a time to celebrate the perpetual covenant between us and God. But the Covenant is not limited to Sundays!


How well do you keep the sabbath?
How does the detail of your life bear witness to your living in covenant with God?

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