Exodus 19: 1-9

The People of God still had a long way to go - and a lot to learn - but God sees in them the potential to be his treasured possession - a priestly kingdom - a holy nation. He consecrates them to himself. They had done little to deserve such an honour: their departure from Egypt and the journey since had been characterised by argument and complaint.

No-one deserves consecration. No-one can earn God's blessing. It is freely given and, often, holiness is a response to God's love rather than being a pre-requisite for it.

We too are chosen for holiness - not because we are already good - but because God sees in us the potential to be his eternal treasure. How we respond to that love is up to us - God will never force consecration upon us - he invites - loves - calls us to be his own - but the choice to respond or not is ours.


How aware are you of being part of God's treasured possession?

How do you react to knowing that you are consecrated and called to holiness?

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