Sharing the Load

Exodus 17: 8-13

The power of prayer is shown to the people as Moses prays over the battlefield until, eventually, Amalek is defeated.

However, even such a powerful pray-er grew weary - his arms became too heavy and for a time, it looked as if this weakness would lead to defeat for Israel. This was when the help of Aaron and Hur proved vital. As Moses grew tired, they supported him with their own strength - keeping him steady until victory was won.

There are times in our own lives when our own resources begin to feel exhausted - we feel prayed-out. We know that prayer is needed - but are too weary to do it alone. At such times, the support of family and friends and our communities is vital. They can sustain and support us through the dark times - and rejoice with us when the better times finally come.


When have you had to lean on the prayer of others?
Who were they?
Have you thanked them - and thanked God for them?

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