Water from Rock

Exodus 17: 1-7

Water is one of the most basic requirements for human living - and the wilderness can be unforgiving for people who are unused to knowing where to look for it. The people react in the all too familiar way: It is Moses' fault. It is God's fault. Why aren't they sorting things out more efficiently?

Moses is obviously beginning to get more than a little tired of this and asks God what on earth he is supposed to do with these people! God again gives a sign that proves irrefutably that he will not allow his people to perish in the desert.   In the eyes of all the elders, Moses strikes a rock with his staff and pure water flows - enough and more for the People of God to drink.

Dryness is part of the spiritual journey. There can be many causes - some of which we can deal with - and some of which require a patient waiting upon God. There is a temptation to cast around and find someone to blame - even if the someone is ourselves. Whilst there are times when we are at fault - there are others when it is simply that God is working at a lower level within us than we can be aware of. We have to wait until the moment when God invites us to strike the rock that is our soul - and find that the wellsprings have been waiting to burst forth anew.


When have you experienced spiritual dryness?
How was it resolved?
Where was God?

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