Crossing the Red Sea

Exodus 14: 1- 15: 19

The story of the Crossing of the Red Sea is a pivotal moment for the Hebrew people. Their situation seemed impossible - an army on one side - a sea on the other. Even the solution required a huge amount of risk - to walk onto the sea-bed - to see the water on either side - to know that a great army is following behind. To walk with only a small path lying ahead wondering whether the waves would crash back into place when you were in the middle of the sea - or whether the army would finally catch up when you had nowhere to run.

There is little wonder that this event holds such a central place in the memory of the Hebrew people and all who treasure their Scriptures.

Few of us experience such a dramatic act of God - but many of us will have times when we are beset and beleaguered on all sides - and when the path ahead seems very narrow and dangerous. But, if we hold firm and take the risk of faith, we find that, eventually, we are brought safe to the other side.


When have you had the experience of having to follow a narrow, dark and dangerous path through a crisis in your own life?
How did you feel as you travelled it?
Where was God?

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