Clouds and Fire

Exodus 13: 17-22

Clouds and fire are mysterious elements. They exist for a while and then disappear. Yet, this is how God chose to indicate his presence at the head - and at times, at the rear - of the Hebrew people.
No-one can hold clouds.
No-one can hold fire.
Neither can anyone hold God.

God is there, leading the people, but they cannot hold or possess him.

God guides our lives too and his presence is equally mysterious. We try to describe how we perceive that presence - but stumble over words. God does not come in ways that are easy to explain - nor in ways that would allow us to lay claim to him.

God is God. He is a God who leads and liberates - but is always beyond our desire to possess him.


How have you sensed the God who guides and leads you?
How would you describe it to another?

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