Exodus 7: 14- 12: 30

One plague after another - hurting the Egyptians but leaving the Hebrews unharmed. Pharaoh promising to let the People of God go whilst the plagues were at their height - only to renege on the agreement when each passed.

Our understanding of "plagues" has changed over the generations - but the desire to have a God who stands up for us has not gone away. Most of us are not oppressed - and perhaps find it hard to get into the mind-set of people who long for God to show His power and to bring down the proud and the oppressor. We may find it hard to think that God would be "cruel" and seek to hurt anyone.

God does not - but the God of love is also a God of justice - who hears the cry of the poor - who saves those crushed in spirit - who raises up the lowly from the miry pit - and so on. God does not choose to hurt anyone - but neither does God protect those who stand in defiance of Him from the consequences of their actions.


When have you yearned for God to step in and free you from people or situations that have oppressed you?

When have you defied God - and then had to suffer the consequences of your actions?

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