Encountering God

Exodus 3: 1-6

Moses had no reason to expect anything more - he had all he needed. He was content to look after Jethro's flocks but God had other plans for him.

Moses could have seen the bush burning and continued on his way - accepting it as "one of those things" - or something that "just happens"
But he didn't.

There were probably times in the years that lay ahead in which Moses heartily wished he had ignored the burning bush. But he didn't. Something attracted him - causing him to draw nearer - to see what it was and what was causing it. And, as he drew close, God called him by name - and drawing him closer still, brought him onto holy ground.

At some point in our lives - often when we least expect it - something happens. We sense that something out of the ordinary has happened - though we may not be quite sure what. We then have a choice - do we risk turning aside from the path we have laid before us to investigate - or do we ignore it and carry on our way?


When have you encountered something out of the ordinary - and sensed that it is an invitation to encounter the Divine?
When have you chosen to allow yourself to "turn aside" to investigate?
When have you allowed yourself to be "too busy" to look?
In the latter cases - did God give up?!

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