Settling Down

Exodus 2: 15-22

Moses found sanctuary with the family of Jethro. He married Jethro's daughter, Zipporah, and they had a son Gershom. Life began to seem comfortable and predictable. Moses, at last, belonged. He had a family. He wanted for nothing - and could look forward to a secure, prosperous future.

After the confusions of adolescence, it can be something of a relief to find stability. It is easy to be defined by what we do - and feel that we can, at last, plan ahead - knowing where we are going... We establish ourselves in work - and, perhaps, settle down to raising a family. There are worries to be sure - but, we begin to feel that we know who we are through what we do and our relationships with partners - children - members of our community.


How are you defined in terms of your work, your family and community?
Where is God?

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