Facing up to who we are

Exodus 2: 11-15

Moses lived his early years as an Egyptian prince - only vaguely aware of who he was - or what his heritage was.  One day, the bubble burst and he found himself in confrontation with the culture that had nurtured him and standing alongside his own people. Not that they were particularly grateful - seeming to threaten that they would make his crime known - as, eventually, it was.

Suddenly, Moses did not belong. His crime excluded him from both the Egyptian and Hebrew communities. He fled and found sanctuary among strangers.

There comes a point in our lives when we look around us. The securities of childhood are behind us and we are faced with the challenge of beginning the long process of finding out who we are. This involves making choices - deciding which "group" we belong to. It can be a time of rebellion - confusion - possibly, sin. We may leave our home - friends and family - and seek "sanctuary with strangers"


When in your own life, have you looked at the values of family - friends - community - and felt the need to look elsewhere for a meaning to life?
Where was God?

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